What is needle felting?

Needle felting is the essentially the fabulous process of stabbing wool with a needle.  The idea is to matt your wool together enough in order to create different shapes and textures! If you’d like to know more about the materials and tools we use please click here!

I’ve placed my order what do I do now?

First you should get very, very excited that your felt commission is beginning! We are!

Once ordered you will be emailed (unless you have already contacted us) and asked a number of questions so you can make the most out of your commission and achieve as close to your ideas as possible.

You will usually be asked:

·      To provide a minimum of two pictures, one for your chosen face and one for your chosen body/outfit.  If you do not have a photograph of the subject wearing the clothing you desire, don’t worry a stock picture will do just fine!  You may also be asked for extra photographs to help with fine detailing.

·      If you have ordered more than one figure we will ask you if you would like them grouped on one shared base (most popular with families) or standing individually.  We will also confirm your base colour/material option.

·      We will ask what type of pose you would like your figures to appear in. Whether this is standing, sitting or how you would like them grouped if you have commissioned more than one on the same base.

·      In certain cases such as wedding toppers, you might be asked what type of wool you would like used.  Please be aware that some specialised silk or glitter wools may be charged at a higher price as these are top of the range materials.

Once your commission is complete we will contact you again to let you know it is whizzing its way to you! We might also ask permission to use one of your photographs in order to show a life vs felt finished commission.  We would never use any photograph without your signed consent.  All photographs will be destroyed after the commission is complete.

Why might I need to send you extra photographs?

We really take pride in achieving as close a likeness as possible to the person/animal commissioned, so as much detail as you can give us will be all the better!  If the person/animal commissioned has any distinguishing features (such as tattoos or markings) that you would like shown in the 3D portraits we will ask for extra photographs to work from.   We also might ask you to clarify details such as eye colour if this isn’t clear.

Do you keep my photographs once you are finished?

As a parent and a teacher I am very passionate about safeguarding both children and adults.  Please be assured that we only keep these photographs to create our likenesses. Once we have finished your 3D portrait all photographs will be destroyed.  If however you have given us permission to use your photograph on our website or social media pages we will contact you once your commission is complete and discuss this further before any posts go live.

Can I have my picture used on your website?

Absolutely! We are always so excited once a commission is finished and a fabulous mini felt portrait emerges.  We will always ask once a commission is completed if you would allow us to use your picture alongside the finished piece in order to show off our likenesses. No photos are uploaded without your permission and need to be sign off before going live.  Alternatively you can upload a picture yourself once you have received your commission to our testimonials page, reviews or any of our social media!

Is your wool ethically sourced?

Yes! It is very important to us that all of our materials are sourced ethically as we do not tolerate any form of animal cruelty to have taken place in order to make our products.  All of the wool we use comes from happy healthy sheep in South Africa. Mulesing is a hideous practice that sadly is used for many Merino products.  We are proud to be able to say that our wool comes from responsibly reared non-mulesinged sheep! Only peace and love here.

Are these suitable as toys?

No.  These figures are for display purposes only.  Due to the wire used within these commissions they are not suitable as toys and should not be left with unsupervised children… or silly adults.

How long will my commission take?

We always ask that you allow us at least 8 weeks to complete your commission for 3D portaits and 10 weeks for wedding toppers.  This does not include the time it takes for postage.  However we may be able to send your commission earlier than this estimated time and will be in contact with you throughout the process as this updates.  If you need to rush your commission please contact us before placing your order.  We always try and help in anyway we can without compromising the finished piece.

Can I get my order rushed?

We appreciate that sometimes you might need your order sooner than the 8-10 weeks we have asked for.  If this is the case please contact us here BEFORE ordering so that we can see if we can accommodate your request.  We tend to have a busy work load so please don’t hesitate to get in contact so we can help you as soon as possible!

Can I request a felt creation not listed in the shop?

Absolutely!  If you have a fabulous felt commission in mind that does not fit into any of our listings please don’t hesitate to contact us here.  We are always excited to hear your design ideas and look forward to making your ideas a felt reality!

Do you ship overseas?

Yes! Please tick the correct option for postage and packaging once you have reached the checkout!

Will shipping be signed for?

Yes! Because of the time and love each of these figures have put into them we would be devastated if they were lost so we only post with this option.

Can I return my commission if I don’t like it?

Luckily we have never had this happen as we work so closely with you to make sure it will be as close to your vision as possible!  Due to the time and care that goes into each figure we would be absolutely devastated if you were unhappy with the final commission.  If however, once your finished piece has arrived, you are unhappy with an element we will try and rectify that component upon return.