Needle Felt Tools

Needle Felting is essentially the fabulous process of stabbing wool with a needle.

The idea is to matt the wool together so that you can create different shapes and textures.




Felt Wool


At Foxwood Felts we are very proud to say that all of our wool is ethically sourced and from happy healthy sheep!

We mainly use Merino wool for our felts as we have found it the best to work with and one of the softest to touch.

Merino sheep are known for their thick fleece and ability with withstand cold temperatures.





In order to matt together the wool sufficiently the needles we use are not your average sewing needles.

Needle Felt needles are barbed with very small hooks on the end.

This allows the wool to be dragged through itself eventually creating a solid block.




Needle Felt Base


All of our figures have a wire spine whether they have been made poseable or not. This allows us to attach them to their base and means they will stand tall to be loved  for a lifetime.

Our bases are strong and made out of foam core.  This is then wrapped in luxury fabric with a felt black underside.

Each figure comes with a tag handwritten from Dorcia (the artist) which can be removed.